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Junk Police started their business as a local Tucson junk removal company. Success came after years of hard work removing every type of junk and debris imaginable. Our crews work as hard now as we did back when we first started hauling junk in Tucon. You can be confident that when you schedule for a trash pick up, Express will send the appropriate crew and trash truck to pick up your junk, and we will usually schedule for same day service. The types of junk removal services, our customers generally require and  ask us to haul away for them ranges from appliances, left over boxes and packing materials from moving to old BBQ’s, mattresses, construction debris and trash from cleaning out a garage or attic.

Every Type of Junk and Debris Imaginable

Junk Police also offers services to help you with your clean up projects, so you don’t have to do any of the work. For instance, if you have property that needs to be cleared of debris such as heavy or hard to handle materials that you would prefer not handle yourself, we can bring our crew and clear everything out for you. Often we can even bring in a Bobcat tractor which can move heavy materials out of your yard and into our spacious dump trucks, and then we haul everything off to the dump for you.

Our Equipment is Large But Our Footprint is Small

Our equipment is large but our footprint is small. We care about the environment and want to make sure we are doing everything possible to respect it, to that end we recycle up to 100% or at least 70% of everything we pick up and haul away. Our crews will even separate (where possible) all materials that are to be recycled, leaving only materials that will not be accepted at the dump as recycling to be hauled away to the appropriate dumping facility.

Haul Everything Off to the Dump

Don’t take chances on haulers and junk guys who are not licensed with full coverage liability insurance. Junk Police out of Tucson respects your property and values you as a customer, we only send crews and equipment to your junk hauling job that are fully licensed, with full coverage liability insurance. Our crews show up on the job when we are scheduled and we complete the work by sweeping or raking the area where we removed your debris and trash so that we only leave behind a clean and junk free area.

Low Cost / High Value Junk Removal

Junk Police is a dirty, time-consuming, and even dangerous process. If you are currently in the process of cleaning out an old garage or even gutting an entire house, Junk Police is your top choice for junk hauling and waste and garbage removal. We service Tucson, Pinal County, and most of the outlying areas and can even provide next day or same day service in many cases. In today’s difficult economic environment many worry that debris removal is a professional service that they cannot afford. Junk Police strives to disprove this myth by providing our outstanding service at an equally outstanding value.

We are a different kind of junk hauling business at Junk Police. We feel that serving our customers is a privilege and take every job seriously. We only employ seasoned professionals who are dedicated to your 100% satisfaction with all work we perform. The work of our crews is routinely inspected by Junk Police supervisors to ensure that the debris removal job is completed to your exact specifications. If you are a homeowner looking to finally clear the junk out of the garage or doing remodeling and have construction waste to be removed we can help.

Tucson Junk Removal

When faced with a large renovation or cleanup job often the worst part is figuring out what to do with all the remaining trash and debris. Many large projects have tight budgets that can be thrown off by the slightest cost overruns and need professional waste and garbage removal at great rates. Junk Police is the top choice for trash removal or junk hauling in Tucson, and most of the outlying areas. We understand the tight economic crunch most companies face in today’s difficult economy and always make sure our prices for debris removal and trash removal are not going to break your budget.

Garbage Removal Company

Junk Police is not your typical waste and garbage removal company. Our philosophy is that your business is a privilege that we earn. We do this by taking every job seriously and providing a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all work performed. Our methods are safe and fast. Our employees have been trained to follow protocol and only work as directed. The work of our crews is routinely inspected by Junk Police supervisors to ensure that the debris removal job is completed to your exact specifications. If you are a construction contractor finishing a major renovation job or a new homeowner looking to clean up your property, you can count on Junk Police to get the job done correctly.

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Junk Police - Tucson Junk Removal

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Junk Police, A Tucson Junk Removal Company is the one spot solution for all your trash disposal needs. If your earlier experience with some other junk removal did not meet your expectation, try our services just once and we assure that we will never dishearten you. We offer all-round support regarding removal of all kinds of trashes.  Our services are trustworthy and you will never have to raise any of your little finger on us. We handle all your stuff with precise care and do the loading without damaging any of your stuff.

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