Junk Removal Services In Tucson With Junk Police

Junk Removal Services In Tucson With Junk Police

There is a reason why junk removal services exist around us. It is because we definitely need help moving and getting rid of junk. The best way to reduce baggage when you move into a new home is to haul away junk the existing house. In the state of Arizona, there is an angel of a service that has been helping people with their junk removal troubles for over two decades. Read more to find out what they are like.

Junk Police and Their Services

Before giving a personal experience about the junk police, let’s see what it is that makes them so good. Junk police is a service offering company that helps people with appliances removal, mattress removal and apartment cleaning at times too. These are just some of the services that they offer. They also help you haul away junk right after you are done redecorating your house. Junk removal can be a tedious process if you are doing it by yourself. But if you want to save a lot of money from going to the wrong services, then your best bet would be to call the Junk Police.

If you are one of those individuals that like cleaning and anything related to cleaning then junk removal is a very idea for you. But you should know that all items that are disposed are done in the right way. If you are planning to dispose electrical appliances then you should know that inside each appliance there is a part that has to be dumped in the right way. Most of the batteries are combustible when it is leaked and comes to contact with air. So why risk the disposal when you can be safe.

If you call up the junk police, they will help you get rid of any and all kind of junk you have so that you can have a stress free moving experience. Besides, they know what kind of appliance goes where so you need not worry about damaging the environment. Junk Police know what they are doing and when they haul away junk they know exactly where each part of it is going.

Their prices start at a very low range with services that start for as low as $45. They are very reasonable in their pricing and you cannot be unhappy with them while they help you in junk removal. They have the option of curb side pickup if your estimated cost is something that is more than what you can afford. In that case, all you have to do is pack you junk and leave it at the curb after informing and talking to the Junk Police and they will have it picked up at any time you want them to. You don’t even have to be there to look after things when they are picking up junk. This is junk removal made cost effective. Now why wouldn’t anyone want to work with the junk police?

How is it better?

You may be wondering why the Junk police are better than any other junk removal services in the state of Arizona. To explain your question- they have been going on with a good reputation for over 20 years, and that means a lot of happy customers. If you want an elaborate detail then let’s discuss about it.

Many junk removal services offer picking up junk but for a much higher cost. It is often more than how much it would take for you to physically pickup your own junk. Besides after they haul away junk, they demand extra or more money than quoted and this can be very hard to negotiate with since the task has been completed and it is impossible to get a positive negotiation after you have benefited from it. Sometimes, getting junk removal services to estimate the amount needed for them to help you is harder. It may take a week or more. If your plans are sudden and you need to move as soon as possible, then this won’t be helpful because you need to haul away junk less than a week’s time.

For all these purposes, Junk Police is much better. Junk Police offer pick up services with a good estimation. They can be reached over the phone every day, except Sundays and they can give you a quick and easy estimate about the cost that comes with junk removalIf the junk that is to be picked up is more than what was estimated, you will be charged reasonably for it and you will be informed way before, so there is no hidden charge or extra demand for money.

You can get them to come over and estimate how much it would cost for free and then decide on choosing them.

What they are like in action:

Rob, 56, from Arizona shares his experience about the junk police.

Moving around was pretty common when I was young but it was never easy. There is always something that needs to go the junk. My recent move was over 6 months ago and this time I couldn’t handle doing all the work by myself. So I decided to call the junk police after a bit of hesitation. Needless to say, they have made my move much easier and now I am wondering why I haven’t called them for junk removal services especially since they have been around for a while. They arrived punctually and their professionalism was shown when they worked at my place. Their charge was also nominal and for the hard work it puts me through, I can pay these guys and get the Junk removal done while I save my energy for my new place.

Anyone who has ever let the junk police work in their house to help them with their move has never complained about them or has never looked back. It is almost as good as having a friend in the neighbourhood that helps you when you are in trouble.


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