Junk Police- Affordable Junk Removal Professionals

Junk Police- Affordable Junk Removal Professionals

Are you one of those people that move around pretty often? Are you tired of having to pack and get rid of junk? Is Junk Removal something that kills your excitement to move to a new place? Worry not, when you are in Arizona, you are with the best. Junk removal is a serious task for people and it is a serious business for companies like junk police. Junk removal can be done for various reasons, when you are moving to a new place, when you have a messy yard, when you are redecorating or simply upgrading your house to a better gadget zone. After all, that trash need junk removal actions no matter what.

While many individuals take to junk removal on their own, there are others who just pick up the phone, dial a number and have someone else do it for them. You don’t have to be rich to get junk removal services at your doorstep. You just need to have a few unwanted things that you want to get rid of. Junk removal is never really fun. Either you are constantly wondering why you want to throw away a few things or you are just wondering when this whole thing is getting over. If it is the first, then just grab a pen and write down what you don’t want and adhere to it. If it is the second, call up a junk removal service.

What do they do?

As the term suggests, junk removal means getting rid of stuff that you won’t need anymore. Junk removal services help you in getting that done. Now when you want to move to a new place, chances are, you will be looking for people that would help you clear all the trash. Junk removal companies such as Junk Police are ‘people’ like these. They clear any and all kinds of trash that accumulate over a period of timing.

If you are doing all the tasks for junk removal on your own, then you will know that the hardest part is the one where you have to find a place to dump all the junk. First you will have to move the junk to a different location with a truck. Renting a truck for junk removal costs more than how much it would actually cost with services that specialize in junk removal.

If you have just started redecorating your house, then you will want to dump your old curtains, rugs and carpets. Companies like Junk Police also undertake carpet removal in addition to mattress removal and appliance removal. They get rid of almost anything and to find out how much it would cost to bring them on the field, you can either submit a query or call their number that is available on the internet.

Hardships of doing it yourself:

Okay so you are a great DIY enthusiast. That is not going to stop you from hating the junk removal sessions. It involves a lot of physical work and a lot more of the mental work to decide on how to get rid of the junk effectively. This brings more stress to you, making you more prone to not doing anything regarding waste mainly because you are tired of trying.

Have that tremendous pile of yard waste removal? Worry not. Just call junk police without a second thought. While cleaning your yard by yourself is great exercise, it is only complete when you figure out a way to get rid of the waste. Of course, you can’t dump it in your neighbour’s yard and you most certainly can’t burn it in the open. So what do you do? Save the trouble and simply arrange a yard waste removal among other waste packages.

When you have an appliance that no longer works, the best thing to do is give it away to someone. You know when an appliance is simply malfunctioning and when an appliance is crying its last words for death. Would you believe it if someone told you that waste removal coupled with appliance removal can be put to great use? It is definitely true, at least in the case of Junk Police.

How do I contact them?

Like any other website, the Junk Police have their own website explaining about the importance of dealing with junk removal and needless to say, it has everything listed in the site. Their phone numbers are available on the internet and you can ring them up anytime you want for junk removal. Normally with other junk removal companies it takes a minimum to maximum number of days to consider the project as done.

But Junk Police are mostly responsive enough to get started on the same day and they help you even if you want help with the junk removal in urgency. If you want the task to be done on the same day, then that can be arranged for. If you want to get the job done two days from now, all you have to do is contact them and talk to them about the junk removal. They are punctual and their discipline is something that is worth mentioning. There are many families and individuals around the State of Arizona that live a peaceful household life made out of a lot of compromise. They give up a few things, stick to a few other things mainly because of the emotional ties they have with it. But the things that they want to get rid of, they know who to call.

While some get cheated on quite often and realize that the services that they chose were too pricey for their budget, there are others that are lucky enough to make the right call on the first time. Alexa, 26 was one of them. Here’s her experience with the Junk Police:

Being a millennial it is easy to assume that we choose the shortest and easiest way to get things done. I was moving in with a friend and we were really excited about it. My old apartment was all set to be moved to a new house a few blocks away. The distance between my old apartment and my new house now is barely a few blocks but hey who am I kidding? I can’t carry all my stuff by myself or in a car for those two blocks, for obvious reasons. So I was looking for packers and movers.

I found a good service that was to help me with moving from my apartment to my house. My friend and I had already discussed how our things were going to be equally distributed all over the house, so that there won’t be much of a furniture waste. However, there were a few things that we both had to get rid of, inevitably. I had a television that was pretty old and my friend had one of the fancy recent ones. So we chose to stick to one tv in our new house, the TV being hers. I was sceptical about my microwave and my fridge and for most part of it, my washing machine.

When I was looking for packers and movers, I also made the search for trash services. There were quite a few junk removal services that were available in Arizona. I was going to go for one of them, definitely. But here is how I chose my junk removal service. I researched all the websites available and for the few services that did not have a website, I personally called them and enquired about their junk removal services. I had my eyes set on junk police from the beginning but I was still willing to give a shot for the other services around after a little research. Pretty much all the services haul away junk but here’s what made me settle on junk police. They were affordable- very affordable. I was looking forward to saving all the money that I had and hence I wanted to opt for an option that won’t make me broke towards the end of the month.

I called them up and got my free estimation. They were polite and were answering almost all the questions that I had. I saw in the website that there were services called curb side pickup that they offered and I was curious about it. I had to get rid of a few appliances and they came under appliance removal. Likewise, there were categories for almost all the services that I needed. My apartment had to be cleaned and all the construction waste had to be removed because I was selling it to someone else. I had to change a few things about my apartment like my kitchen counter and bathroom tiles. After the move, I had to take care of these.

Anyway, my blank expression turned into awe and wonder when I saw the Junk Police in their act. Honestly, they are the best junk removal service for a reason. They had been serving the State of Arizona for over 20 years I got to tell you, there is a reason that they have been consistently successful. After the phone estimation that I received, I was informed about a slight increase in their estimation after they set their eyes on the place. I was informed about this earlier and I was okay with it.

The increase in their estimation was not much and what I was truly scared of was if they were going to demand more money after the service was done. They took some time for the junk removal process in my old apartment but what was done was done perfectly. There is no way I can complain about their perfectionism. I did not have to worry when they were there and when I came back after they were done, I was awestruck because they had taken every piece of junk that existed around my apartment. Now I knew who I was going to call for clearing the construction debris.

A few weeks later, I required debris removal services again and this time it was some of the construction materials that had to be picked up. They were available for the same day because I called them on a Saturday and they did not work on Sundays. Again, flawless. With some of the things that I had to get rid of through Junk police I was wondering if they would take it, considering what kind of materials they were based on. But here the waste removal truly meant it and I couldn’t have gotten a better junk removal service than Junk Police. They literally took all the junk.

The next time I am about to move to another house, I will definitely give the junk police a call, no doubt. I have been referring their name to all my friends as well.

Getting to work through Junk Police:

If you are still not convinced about letting a company take over your junk removal task then here are a few things to consider, that will tell you why you need to let them do the job for you.

  • Affordable: They are affordable and they have prices that start for as low as $45. They don’t charge unwantedly and they are one of the best waste removal services in town without any hidden costs. If you are looking forward to spending a few bucks on cleaning, very few bucks, then the junk police is the right service for you.
  • Quick action: They are really fast with their waste You give them a call today and its easier to get it done today if you want it. Or else you can book them according to your convenience. They are available most of the time and you can get your services done as soon as you want it to be.

The Junk Police can be the best service you will ever need while moving around within Arizona. They have every reason to be chosen and once chosen, their task will not disappoint you. Call Junk Police



Frank V

August 26, 2016 at 11:09 pm

Junk Police was great from the beginning to the end. They tell you they will be at your house at 9AM, they will be there. I was really shocked at how easy this was. My wife has been bugging me for months to clean up the back yard debre, and I never did it. This made the wife happy, and I am now happy. Thank you so much Edo for all your help.

Frank V

Moving To A New House In Tucson? Call Junk Police For Trash Pickup

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