Haul Away Junk With Junk Police

Haul Away Junk With Junk Police

Junk removal is a huge pain when you are moving from one house to another. The amount of junk that you need to remove is sometimes so much that you end up feeling that the whole move was pointless. If you are wondering what kind of junk one can expect when they are moving out, here’s a list.

  • Old sofas and cushions: Mattresses, sofas and cushions are something that we like to change according the house we are going to. In order to do this, you need to jump into mattress removal Once you get rid of the old stuff, you make room for the new ones.
  • Yard wastes: No clean yard will leave a clean mess. When you are cleaning your yard, you are also likely to have a lot of waste that comes with the cleaning. So you need yard removal tips and tricks that will help you keep everything neat and tidy. Especially when you are moving to another house while selling your current property, it would do some good to the sale if the house is well maintained.
  • Redecoration: When you are moving in to a new place, you will be shocked to see that some of the materials that were used in redecorating your new place are still lying around. Of course it is not innocently lying there, it is lying there because you are expected to clean it up before your use. Redecoration materials and other construction debris is a definite thing you would find when you move in to a house that has been newly decorated. Feel free to opt for apartment cleaning services around your place. You can’t get rid of the construction debris by yourself, so why not call the experts and leave it up to them?
  • Old Appliances: The right way to dispose electrical appliances is something that not many of us know. Even if we do, you are definitely not going to find it easy to execute the task. Companies that encourage and offer appliances removal do so because of the fact that every item on the electrical junk is something that has to go to a specific place. Every appliance is made of different parts and if you isolate these parts, you will understand that each one has a disposal method of its own. When you are planning to just dump them along with the remaining junk, you are also harming the environment in the long run. Trash removal services know that their appliance removal means isolating each appliance, categorizing it and sending them to their respective places for further disposal.

Opt for Junk Police:

If you are in the state of Arizona, consider yourself lucky because you just happen to live in a state where the entire moving and junk removal revolves around the Junk Police. The Junk Police is a reputed and established junk removal service known for their affordable prices and their quick actions. With prices as low as $45 this might be the best option for junk removal without spending too much money, while also getting the job done right.

Junk Police have been around for over 20 years and that kind of reputation comes with a lot of experience. One of the best things about the junk police is that, their estimations are almost always correct. You can call them to find out about the estimation for the junk removal service that you would require. Through the phone, they are always likely to quote a lower amount because they haven’t seen the amount of junk removal to be done yet. For the right estimation of costs, any company will want to visit the site in person and decide upon the estimation.

Worry not. Junk police inspect the site for free and provide right estimations. By ‘right’ we mean that the estimated amount will always be reasonable. Unlike other junk removal services, junk police does not have any hidden costs. They won’t demand more money once the job is done. You can get the job done and soon.

Junk police are unavailable on Sundays, but apart from that, they are always here to help you with junk removal. Several companies that offer garbage removal services take a lot of time before they actually get on field and work. Sometimes, they may take up to a week to just get to the place and estimate the amount that will cost for them to help you with junk removal. Junk police on the other hand offer same day pickups.

This comes in handy especially if you want to take the trash out immediately or if you are the type that wants to get the job done often and fast. Apart from junk removal, Junk police haul away junk of all types. They offer apartment cleaning services, mattress removal, appliances removal etc. They are established to pick up almost any kind of trash for you.

Another yet important feature they have is the curb side pickup option. If you are someone who likes to do a bit of cleaning on your own or if you are someone who often has to clean the property that accumulates a lot of junk, then this one is the right thing for you. Curb side pickup offers junk removal services at a much lower cost. How is it discounted when the service is still the same?

Simple. You do almost all of the physical work and the junk police just helps you get rid of the junk in the final stage. The curb side pickup option works something like this. You need to figure out what goes in the junk removal and what doesn’t. Once you have decided on that, you need to work on packing these and getting them ready to go to trash. Call the junk police and opt for their curb side pickup. Schedule a time where you would just leave it on the curb outside your house and the junk police will execute the remaining task of cleaning for you.

Junk police is every bit of junk removal service that is a boon for people who need help with cleaning. Book them today and have a peaceful time moving.


Jason s

August 26, 2016 at 11:23 pm

I used this service and they did a fantastic job. I would recommend Junk Police to everyone. They are local and priced really fair.

Pete P

August 27, 2016 at 7:09 pm

Junk Police did a great job. The customer service rep Dave was awesome on the phone. He explained everything in great detail.

John Ryer

August 27, 2016 at 9:14 pm

This was the best phone call I have made in a long time. This company is very professional and very reasonably priced. My family is happy they got the backyard back. ?

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